Thursday, 2 January 2014

Nokia Lumia 1020 New Phone... not a good start

Update: 03/01/2014

I've a new phone, Nokia Lumia 1020.  My previous phone Lumia 800 lasted well for two years and had little issues. The Mac connector worked very well and the integration to  Zune on windows was as good as Mac Book.  The only real issue I had was the lack of apps but this is improving. The amount of crapplets (crap apps) is huge; just like any other phone.

Why does EVERY app have to access ALL my personal details, this does not seem right to me and I'm not impressed nor buying the amount of apps I would have if proper restrictions on data privacy were used.

The 1020 is nice, slightly bigger than the 800 and not too big in my jeans pocket. The Windows interface is great and the linking of contacts is superb, this is  real social phone. The camera is awesome and is a really alternative to having a DSLR hanging round your neck (most of the time).


I've had sound real issues, Windows 8 first of all, the Win7.x used Zune and this was alright since I came from a Mac before and this was very similar to Itunes and iphone setup. But now this integration is not there anymore and you need Windows 8 metro type apps installed; which a useless as best.  ItThe new phone apps under windows 8 not pickup ANY of my music or videos and I was forced to switch back to my Mac.

Right Mac phone connector seemed to work a treat and I copied over 35Gb of music and 10Gb of videos (I've the 1020 64Gb version).  This took about 30 mins which is acceptable level of speed.  But on opening the phone there was no music or videos copied across; tried this again several times and with the same results.

Back to my windows machines, As the windows phone apps did nothing I tried a manual copy; browse my computer and manually copy music from local folder to phone via explorer windows. This is very very poor and the over all experience is worse than the dog crapping on the carpet. Luckily I've got Classic Shell on Win8.1 machine so this was not too much hassle. I'm a very experienced user and the standard man in the street may not get round these issues.

But the time for coping all my music is shocking,  To copy the 35Gb will take an estimated 22hours, really 22 hours to copy music onto the phone from a windows 8.1 machine.  But it is coping it across and does put the music in the right place.

update:  Failed about 7 hours in coping music, so starting where it left off.  I also think the buggered update of Windows 8.1. where it deleted or corrupted all my libraries is to blame for the phone app not seeing any music or files.

Coping Contacts

Bluetooth connection to Lumia 800  and copy your contacts and messages.  This failed the first two times but got there in the end. The message copying is really odd; it will copy messages that are sent to you, but not messages you send to others. This is just plain stupid!!!

update:  The newest message copied is 6 months old, even though it said it was successful.


The don't fit in my ears and fallout even while sitting still. I seem not to have Nokia Ears!!!!! Not sure about the sound quality, ask me in 22hours or so.

Installing Apps

I have previous purchases which I wished to port to my new Lumia, this is fairly standard stuff and would be easy. This could not be done on the phone or not any way I could figure out, so onto my windows phone account to look at purchased apps.

But on some apps I was getting "App is not available in this region".  What does that even mean, has Scotland gone independent early and no one told me. I really wanted Plant V Zombies as well. With other apps you just click install and it sends a message to your phone.... neat.

OK change of tact, on phone, games, store, search, "plants v zombies",  buy app.  Message saying "You've already purchased like to install it instead. Game installed on new phone as last.

Free App Voucher £20

Cool I always like free stuff. So onto Nokia app voucher page: and enter details and click ok.  Except it crashed and gave me the following page.

Yes it crashed and I tried to contact "Nokia Care", which is some where in Glasgow. Why can't  the failing page give me link to a page where I can add details and leave this to Nokia to sort out. So no app voucher and its not clear If I'll get one.  I did try this page a few times but it always gave me the same result.

update: tried this the next day and it work fine.  So maybe my tweet to various nokia accounts worked.


Phone good, connecting to PC/MAC bad and I've been cheated of my App Voucher. With luck I get my music updated and the my app voucher sorted.

Seriously though;  Microsoft latest batch of stuff look very pretty in the middle but frays quite a bit round the edges.  The 1020 is a top end phone but the support round it is poor.

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