Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Reply to Microsoft XBOX One Reserve email

I currently have 3 xbox 360s in the household and the original xbox which is still used sometimes. But your latest XBOX and no swaps games policy and having my XBOXs always on or alway on at least once ever 24hours is completely unacceptable.  

So let me get this right; I buy a game  and can't lend this to my son or daughter within my own household (as they have different xbox accounts under the family account I have). 

 I won't be buying an XBOX One until you change this, in fact my XBOX family won't be renewed again.

Sometimes I don't turn my xbox on for months (quite busy sometimes being a full time .NET dev). 

Has it really been 10 years already, gosh I didn't even get a card. But it looks likes this relationship has run its course, it not me its you!!!!!!. You've changed!!!!! you used to be nice and give my gifts, now its all about you getting more and more of my money. We started off well in a wee  xbox playing some really cool games, then we moved up to a bigger place with an XBox 360, the room and space we have was great. The games got better and better and  it started to get crowded with the kids. So we bought the kids their own  places (more Xbox 360s) and we moved into a new unit with Gbs and Gbs of space it was fab man!!!  But then you changed you promised a newer bigger place with XBOX one, I admit I was excited really exited. I watched the video I got even more excited then you came clean.

Really how could you!!!!!! really man. I may even turn to the darkside,  that could even involve the S-word, yes you've guessed it SONY PLAYSTATION 4.  I may find it hard to leave you but you started this and I'm NOT your bitch, I thought we were partners in this thing, but I guess you've changed and I have to move on.

I'm upset, pissed, annoyed, betrayed. 

Good bye *sob*

Frank  *sob*

From: Xbox@engage.xbox.com
Subject:, thank you for being part of the Xbox community
Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 13:05:08 -0600

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Xbox One
Welcome to a new generation. Reserve your Day One Edition today*.
Dear ,
Over the past decade, you have been with us as we pushed the boundaries of innovation. Xbox One represents not only the arrival of a new generation of games and entertainment, but also the next chapter of our journey together.
Xbox One was designed to be the most advanced gaming console ever made. From its revolutionary new multiplayer matchmaking system to its state-of-the-art AI that adapts to the way you play. From its stunning cinematic realism to new ways to share experiences with friends. Not to mention the enhancements to Xbox Live, the most exciting social gaming network in the world.
We would like to personally invite you to be a part of this new generation of games and entertainment from Day One. Reserve your Day One Edition today and in addition to the best console we've ever made, you'll also receive a commemorative controller and an exclusive achievement.*
Thank you for being part of the Xbox community. We look forward to our journey ahead.
Reserve your Day One Edition today. Features a commemorative controller and an exclusive achievement.

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