Sunday, 17 July 2011

Clyde Stride : 40 Mile Ultra

I never managed to complete this. I lasted 22 miles, 3 miles after the 2nd check point and called it a day. The main reason was exhaustion which set in about 12 miles and my left foot flared up again causing fairly bad pain. Yip only 12 miles in to a 40 mile run and I was knackered.  The heat after mile 6 began to build and by Strathclyde park at mile 18-21 I was baking and the sun and the heat just drained me.  I don't and never have done well in the heat and I estimated it was about 26C. Meanwhile in Glasgow it was pissing of rain and a bit windy.  Once I reached the check point the weather started to get a bit cooler and the wind picked up. Typical if that was an hour earlier I may have pushed on and may have even have completed it.

So at mile 22 by me garmin I turned round and headed for check point 2. Everyone in the race that I passed  asked if I was OK which I really appreciated. I had a chat with the sweepers and headed back to the check point to be picked up by Mrs K.  I had a couple of pints then headed to my sisters for a bath and a change of  clothes.

Would would I do the next time (if there is a next time).

For one I would not take a backback with a hydration bladder as this kept the heat in on my back and was dripping so much from sweat I stopped and checked to see if my bladder was leaking.

I'd carry my belt with my bottle and leave as much as possible at each drop.  Go light.

I also need more training on trails and hills as I found any incline a sheer chore to do.

This was my worst run for weeks and weeks and I could not get in to it. I have been training hard since January and I may have sickened myself with it or over trained or just drained myself completely or I've burned out by running and only running with the constant effort over the last 6 months. I plan to ease off the running, build some core strength and do some mountain biking for some fun. I've a half marathon in Sept, but this will be OK its only 13 miles and its on road.

Anyone fancy a wee mountain bike outing ?

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