Monday, 4 July 2011

2nd Half Clyde Stride by fkerrigan at Garmin Connect - Details

Well I done the 2nd half of the Clyde Way on Saturday pass and it was an experience.

HOT: It was hot and sunny and I finished my 2 litres of hydration liquid by mile 18.

I started at the David Livingstone Centre and got lost within a half hour, no really I did!!! I missed turning at Craig End and ended up in a large industrial field. Not the best start to but I circled back and found the path via the a very large gate which I thought I would have to climb, as luck would have it there was a hole to the left. Lost #1

Back on the path I proceeded to the Bridge at Bothwell, where some smart arse has turned the sign to it points up hill towards  Hamilton, I tend to follow my guts and it seemed wrong so I asked a cyclist who pointed my across the road.  So at this point you want to cross the road (fast traffic here)  and head to the other side of the bridge #Lost2

The path pops you out at the Raith Interchange at StrathClyde Park. There are no signs and I nipped across to the middle to cross to the Park. Wrong again.... this would take me a week at this rate..... I nipped back with cars playing hunt the runner (why do the bastards floor it when they see you crossing a road).  So at this point once you hit the Raith Interchange you stick to the path and turn right.  #Lost3

Through the park sticking to the right side of the loch with the clyde on the right as well. There are toilets  in the Water Sports Centre which are better than bushes.  Follow the Clyde all the way down and keep going.  If you are unsure then keep the clyde to the right and don't go straying left at some of the more inviting paths.

The path effectively ends and your in a field near Carbarns farm, just follow the clyde and watch for the cattle, sheep and poo. Locals in this area just stair in disbelief as you run past (at some points I thought I was mad as well).

By Overton the path heads into woods with one of the first sets of stairs a small one this time though. You see a sign Woodland walks and Clyde Walkway west and no sign for Clyde Walkway east... I went with my guts and headed right moving upstream. This was right and I hit the A71, this is a very fast and scary road. Do I cross ?? do I stick to the pavement and head into the houses below???  I head down hill as I see a bunch of walkers with sticks and walking poles. I fail to ask them if this is the right way. #Lost4

I should have cross the road and headed down the B7011 Brownlee Rd (traffic was popping over the brow of that hill like nutters so that felt wrong). I head down the hill and knew it felt wrong but continued regardless keeping the clyde to my left after I passed the junction after the bridge and headed to Lanark on the A72 which by luck placed me on the Mauldslie Bridge and back on track. This was via a large hill and a little more distance.

Just passed Mauldslie Bridge there is a little steep section which was hell on my tired legs and a bit of a scree bank where I nearly fell. Pass that its flat till Crossford with a mix of flat track and lots of gates (ever 100m at some points) and steep climbs and drops a lot of which I couldn't run on and walked a lot.

After Crossford its climbing and single track with lots of steep stair sections up to Stony Bridge power station which has a temp bridge across it, oh did I mention all the stairs.

Another little lost Section at Kirkfieldbank where I found a wild cherry tree and munched on some trying to find the path again much to the bemusement of the locals. Go through the Gate with the CCTV sign on it. Why it's fenced off and the signs are missing I can only hazard a guess (moody locals?). This path does not feel right and I thought I was lost but a Cylde Walkway sign appeared on St Patricks Road in Kirkfieldbank and I was back on track (was never really off it).  This is where the path is a collection of hairpins which drop and drop till the clyde.

Another small wood section with more and more stairs and climbs and you come to a viewing platform overlooking new Lanark with the end in site.

Summary: Lots of missing signs with climbs and stairs. Not a big climb but on tired legs and really hot day it starts to tell on you (well me anyway). The path is quiet and your alone a lot, did have a chat with a few old biddies along the way (you always do).

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