Saturday, 24 November 2012

Windows 8 and VS2012 Crashing in Debug


Having problems with Windows 8 and VS2012, crash about 10 times today and had to do a restart to stop it every time I entered debug.  Looking at event logs gives NO clue of why this is happening and it does not seem to follow any patterns except that IE seems to crash sometimes and VS soon follows.

I do have resharper 7.1 installed and this could be the issue, had problems with VS2010 and R#6 in the past.

Using IIS under VS2012

Only Administers can use IIS in VS2012 and if the project uses a virtual directory then it fails to load the project as you don't have permissions to access IIS

Microsoft have since Vista failed  somewhat to support developers running developer tools on their operating systems, everything seems to be a hash.

Not a happy bunny here at the mo.

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