Wednesday, 20 June 2012

MS Surface vs Ipad

Not sure this is a fair post since I don't have a surface and may very well not buy one (or I very well might). Is the MS surface and Ipad killer or is it something else?

Why is an Ipad so great or why are tablets so great?

We've got an Ipad in the family and it kicks about and is used sometimes, its only a version on mind but it works as its supposed to and never really fails. OK version of iOS in the beginning where a bit flakey and the ipad has lots of apps. If all you do is browse and play the odd game then its great. But it is also very limited and if you want to do some say..... blogging then its limitations soon become apparent. I do like it but I think that an ULTRA book or mac air is just a lot more useless. Anyone asks me about tablets I say "Don't" get an ultra.

MS Surface

Now this looks good, but will you be able to do all the stuff a good tablet will do and will it be able do more ?

OK what do we (I mean me really!) want from MS Surface

  • 8 hours battery for browsing.
  • Run standard windows apps
  • Run Visual Studio at decent pace
  • Run office fast.
  • VPN to my work place
  • Bigger storage than it currently has 250-250Gb 
  • Fast boot and I mean almost instant
  • Tough / Durable : I can drop it and not certain it will be damaged
  • Good Keyboard (stuff the colour can I type with it)
  • Can do video, odd movie for the plane, holiday etc....
  • Can play stupid games like PvZ...

OK I want an ultra book thats tablet as well..... is that what the Surface is ???

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