Monday, 20 June 2011

Mens 10K Glasgow 19th June 2011

Done the Men 10k on Sunday, this is my third year and this year I was on form and the weather was kind; cloudy cool and dry. I was aiming for a constant 7:30 pace through the whole run but I knew I would lose some on the uphill and gain it on the down hill.  Although the weather cool and dry it was a bit muggy (humid) and I was sweating fairly early on.  I skipped the first water station as about 3km and picked up some water at the second 7km which I poured over myself and took a small sip. I managed to sprint the last 0.2 miles with a final time of 47 mins 09 secs. Which is now a personal best.

Below is my 10k history

DateEventPositionCategoryChip TimeFinish TimeAge Perf %
19/06/2011MHFS 10K for Men - MHFS 10K for Men776Vet Men00:47:0900:47:0958.32
20/06/2010MHFS 10K for Men - MHFS 10K for Men1543Vet Men00:53:5500:53:5548.26
21/06/2009MHFS 10K for Men - MHFS 10K for Men1235Vet Men00:51:2400:51:2452.69

The 2009 event was my first ever road race, I've ran on and off for years but never really bothered getting in to races.  My 2010 result was due to not eating for 3 days earlier that week due to illness and I felt gutted with my results. Overall I'm improving nicely and this is the first year I finished strong.

Next race is the Ultra Clyde Stride which is only 40miles. I've been taking it easier over the last couple of weeks mainly to increase my 10k time and to build some mental strength for the next bout of Ultra training. Mental strength for this is just as important as physical fitness and I need to steel myself for the upcoming challenge.

Well here is the splits and data

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