Sunday, 20 March 2011

Runs this week

Another week another series of runs, This is a rest week so only 22 miles in total

  • Tuesday:        3.08 miles   24:27      pace 8:00/mi    Standard Road run; dry and cool
  • Wednesday:   7.02 miles   58:39      pace 8:22/mi    River cart walk way mixed trail/road; sunny
  • Friday:           4.04 miles   39:21      pace 9:44/mi    Rough trail Pollock Park Mbr tracks; dry
  • Sunday:         8.39 miles   1:10:20   pace 8:29/mi    Road and Canal Path Scotston,  damp

My pace is certainly on the up, but there are some big miles coming up in the next few weeks so we will see how I get on with the 15,17,18 and 20 milers.

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