Monday, 14 March 2011

Running Week 6 of Marathon Training

Running update from last week.

Tues:   3 mi, 25 mins,  8:12 mi/min
Wed:   6 mi, 52.57 mins, 8:32 mi/min : very wet cold and windy
Thurs:  New Trainers came: Gel Nimbus 2E
Fri:      4 mi, 31.21 mins, 7:48 mi/min; 2 mile split with 2 min rest
Sun:   13 mi, 1:53 hr:min, 8:42 mi/min; dry and fare, left foot wee bit sore.

I'm getting stronger and I'm working on my negative splits for the actual marathon, still aiming for sub 4 hours in Edinburgh in May.

This week is rest week so I am going to slow it down a bit; or try to at least :)

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