Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Running this Week.

This is my runs for this week I will up date my times once they are done.

Tues: 3 mile      23:06 mins  with 1/2 mile recovery added on.
Wed: 6 mile      52.99 with average 9:09mi/min pace. Mixed pace
Friday: 3 mile    25.24 8:32mi/min pace: Fast then slow with 1 mi recovery added to the end
Sunday: 12 mile 1:46:00  08:53mi.min pace:  Found it bit harder than last week,

Last Sunday run was 10mile at about 1:24mins (hh:mm) and I did a few sub 8 mins miles. Looking forward to my next Sunday Run which is a tour of 5 parks in Glasgow

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